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Alabama’s #1 Electronic Repair Stop

XiRepair is the fastest growing consumer electronics repair, sales and data recovery companies in the Alabama. With more locations opening across the state in coming months. XiRepair aims to give customers access to same day affordable cell phone repairs, smart phone data recovery services and even access to new devices at great prices!

“We are ordinary people doing extra-ordinary work. We fix hundreds of devices per day and receive mail-ins from across the country!” – Jonathan Strange | CEO, XiRepair

Meet The Executive Team

At XiRepair our certified team of repair professionals are here for you! We want to repair and recover your gadgets because it’s what we L💚VE to do.

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Jonathan Strange


Our founder and lead business developer. Jonathan started the company at the age of 14!

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Suraiya Begum


Suraiya speaks 5 languages… 6 if you include business.

Who are we?

XiRepair is Alabama’s fastest growing electronics repair, sales and data recovery company. XiRepair was founded in 2014 by Jonathan Strange in historical Montgomery, Alabama. XiRepair started out as cellphone repair business out of Jonathan’s home, but quickly grew into a massive electronics empire. Today XiRepair has numerous locations in Montgomery, Alabama and receive daily shipments of devices from across the country.

Our Mission.

XiRepair® values its customers above all else. At XiRepair®, we take pride in offering the best quality parts, service and warranty in the industry to customers like you! XiRepair® provides quick cell phone, computer, tablet, and game console repairs, so you can get back to living life uninterrupted. Beyond being a profitable business, XiRepair has a mission to create a better world one repair at a time. The e-waste economy we live in today is destroying our planet and resources. XiRepair is passionate about offering repair, recycle and reuse solutions to consumers around the globe to ensure future generations have the opportunity to live on a healthy, beautiful and sustainable earth 🌎.

What we do.

XiRepair is the largest electronics repair, sales and data recovery company in Central Alabama. We specialize in smartphone repairs for Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy series, Google Pixel, LG, Moto, One Plus and more, computer repairs and upgrades for home desktop towers to custom built gaming computers, tablet repairs for Apple iPads, Samsung Tab Series, Microsoft Surface series and more, game console repairs for Nintendo Wii, Switch, Sony PlayStation 3, 4, 4 Slim, 4 Pro and 5, Xbox One, One S, One X, Series S, and Series X and other game platforms.

Our team realized early on that customers don’t just want a screen repaired they want their anniversary pictures, their loved one’s text messages or important business files. Today, XiRepair is the largest data recovery center in Montgomery, Alabama. We recovered and processed 1000’s of GBs per day of recovered data from broken cell phones, damaged hard drives, corrupted solid state drives and destroyed flash drives over the years.

XiRepair offers buy, sell and trade options for new and used smart phones and tablets.

How we do it.

Our gadgets today power everything we rely on to survive: communication, security, entertainment, travel and even food! At XiRepair we understand that it can be difficult to combat life without your iPhone, laptop or computer. This is why we strive to ensure every customer has their device repaired same day or as soon as possible. Additionally, high quality standards are vital to our success. XiRepair has it’s own industry leading certification program, diagnostics reporting databases, and cutting edge repair tools to ensure our post-repair quality if unlike any other service provider.

“When I started XiRepair there were little to no affordable options for myself or other customers to have their electronic device repaired the same day. Many businesses would require you to send your device off for weeks at a time or require you leave your device with them for days. I saw this as an opportunity to give individuals and businesses a reliable unbeatable same day service… and that’s what we did.” – Jonathan Strange | Founder & CEO, XiRepair

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