Western Digital My Book 4TB External Hard Drive Data Recovery

Western Digital 4 TB Hard Drive

“Fixing this Western Digital My Book 4TB Hard Drive and recovering the customer’s data was beyond satisfying” – XiRepair Tech

“If your Western Digital hard drive isn’t recognized by your computer or doesn’t power on this guide may help you learn the process for repairing the disk drive.”

In today’s digital era, the loss of important data can be a nightmare. Whether it’s due to accidental deletion, system crashes, or hardware failure, the recovery of valuable data from a hard drive is crucial. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps and techniques necessary to successfully recover data from a hard drive, ensuring your precious files are not lost forever.

How To Recover Data From Western Digital My Book External Hard Drive?

In the following steps you will see the steps that were taken to recover a real customer’s data using our amazing data recovery service. The customer brought in a dead 4TB Western Digital My Book External Hard Drive – Model WD40EZRZ.

How To Recover Files From WD Hard Drive

Step 1. Diagnose the hard drive. We need to fully understand the current state of the drive to be able to determine the next most practical steps for repair and data recovery.

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Step 2. Remove the four torx screws holding down the Western Digital’s printed circuit board. After diagnosing the drive as a no power issue, our technician needed to remove the PCB to do a visual inspection of the board. However, one of the torx screws was severely stripped. So the XiRepair technician used a special Dremel to help safely remove the screw without causing damage to the customer’s irreplaceable western digital disk drive.

WD Hard Drive Data Recovery Service Near Me

Step 3. Conduct a visual inspection of the external hard drive’s printed circuit board (PCB). Any signs of corrosion, heat damage, broken or missing components are important indicators of areas that will need repair.

WD My Book Disk Repair Data Recovery

Step 4. Using a donor drive that matches the specifications closely with the customer’s hard drive, remove the PCB and swap the U12 Bios chip from the customer’s PCB to the new working donor drive.

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Step 5. Clone the original drive to a known good destination drive. Reconnect the new donor drive with the original U12 rom chip to the original disk drive. Then power the device using an external dock or a disk imaging system. More advanced imaging systems such as the Deepspar may yield better data recovery results than household software.

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Step 6. Connect the destination drive to a hexadecimal editor and raid reconstruction tool such as Rstudio for sorting through the recovered data.

Best Western Digital Hard Drive Data Recovery Service

Step 7. Enjoy your recovered data! Once the drive was successfully repaired, we are then able to use data recovery software to pull off all of the valuable information such as images, videos, documents, software and often even deleted items.

Can you use the hard drive with a bad PCB?

No. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use your Hard Drive without the printed circuit board functioning as it was intended too. In almost all no power data recovery cases a hard drive’s PCB will need to be repaired in order to recover the data.

How can you tell if the Western Digital Hard Drive has no power?

  • No Spin-up Sound: When you power on your computer or connect the hard drive to a power source, listen for the spinning sound that indicates the hard drive is receiving power. If you don’t hear any spinning or activity noises, it could indicate a lack of power.  This device’s WD My Book No Power Fix was repairing the PCB.
  • No Lights: Many Western Digital hard drives have LED lights that indicate power and activity. If these lights are not lit up when the hard drive is connected to a power source, it suggests a power issue.
  • No Drive Detection: If your computer or device fails to recognize the Western Digital hard drive when connected, it could be due to a lack of power. Check if the drive appears in the system’s BIOS or device manager. If it doesn’t show up, power-related problems are likely.

“Remember, failing hard drives due to no power are unfortunately common! Chances are if your hard drive shows signs of now power, you probably need a data recovery service.”

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