iPhone 12 Pro Genuine Apple Battery Replacement Guide

iPhone 12 Pro Genuine Apple Battery Replacement Guide 1

iPhone 12 Pro Genuine Apple Battery Replacement Guide

So your Phone 12 Pro battery doesn’t hold a charge like it used to… What’s next? Does your iPhone 12 pro battery percentage drop from 100% to 50% unnaturally fast? Does your iPhone 12 Pro not even turn on? Don’t worry, these are all common symptoms of an iPhone battery that needs to be replaced. Our Apple certified team repairs batteries in all iPhone models every day of the week, and we’d be delighted to replace your battery with a Genuine OEM Apple purchased directly from Apple’s US warehouses.

About our iPhone 12 Pro Battery Repair:

The latest generations of Apple’s iPhone utilize lithium-ion battery technology. Over the years performance increases in and scientific breakthroughs in lithium-ion batteries have resulted in consumer cell phones that charge faster and an even larger charge. The power density of the iPhone 12 Pro battery has resulted in a rechargeable battery that allows for 8 hours of continuous usage. These impressive new batteries are great, but they don’t last forever and eventually will need to be replaced.

Here are our most frequently asked iPhone 12 Pro battery replacement questions:

How Long Does It Take To Replace An iPhone 12 battery?

45 – 60 minutes*

Our same day iPhone 12 pro battery replacement service is a fast option that will get your device running like new again. At XiRepair, we hold one of the largest battery inventories in the retail-service industry, which means we complete the battery replacement within the same day because we keep the official Apple iPhone 12 Pro replacement batteries in stock.

Our Montgomery, Alabama service locations repair hundreds of Apple iPhones with dead batteries, broken screens, and no-charge problems every single hour of the day. Our professional battery replacement technicians are actually Apple certified to quickly repair Apple iPhone screens including the Apple iPhone twelve pro. Once an iPhone is checked in or mail-in to any one of our service locations a technician will complete the iPhone 12 pro repair within 45 – 60 minutes*. We highly recommend scheduling an appointment to ensure that we can accommodate you within a speedy time frame. As an industry leader due to our high quality service and quick turnaround time, our locations stay extremely busy.

Is XiRepair an Apple Independent Repair Provider?

Yes! XiRepair® service locations are authorized through Apple’s independent repair program to purchase official genuine Apple parts, tools, equipment and accessories necessary to repair Apple iPhones, Macbooks and other Apple gadgets.

Will my iPhone have that annoying pop up message after a repair at XiRepair?

No, as long as you select a genuine Apple screen, battery or camera you will not receive a
message pop up.

image 1

After the release of the iPhone Xs, Apple began serializing the battery to each iPhone it was installed in. Due to the new serialized battery part, if a new battery is installed into the iPhone, it will display a “none genuine part” message even if it’s from a brand new iPhone of the same model. The only right way to complete an iPhone battery replacement for all models iPhone Xs and newer is to use a genuine Apple battery replacement part. Our service locations are independent Apple service providers, which means we can purchase parts and tools directly from Apple.Plus we have access to their diagnostic and re-serialization software which allows us to install iPhone batteries without the pop up message.

What Are Genuine Apple Parts And Do We Offer Apple Genuine Battery Replacement Parts?

image 3

For older iPhone generations we offer both aftermarket and Genuine Apple battery replacement parts. However, for newer iPhone generations the price of the aftermarket battery is so similar to the cost of the OEM option that our team has decided to only stock genuine Apple replacement batteries in stores. If aftermarket options are available, our staff will present you with the price for both the aftermarket repair option and the Genuine Apple repair option. When a customer selects a Genuine Apple part for their iPhone battery replacement, the customer will receive a brand new Apple iPhone Battery that is purchased directly from Apple’s US warehouses. This new Apple battery replacement part will be serialized using Apple’s proprietary repair software called GSX. During the battery replacement, our certified ACiT technicians utilize Apple’s cloud software to diagnose and reserialize the new part to your iPhone 12 Pro. The re-serialization process is extremely important and is what makes us very different from shops that only offer an aftermarket battery replacement. The Apple software allows our techs to pair the new part to your iPhone and ensures that your phone will not receive a “Non Genuine Part” Message.

How can you tell if your iPhone 12 series needs a new battery?

  • The iPhone 12 dies before it gets to 0%
  • The iPhone 12 Pro keeps dying faster and faster during the day without recharging
  • The iPhone 12 Pro Max battery is swollen and pushes the screen out of the frame
  • The iPhone gives you a “service” message in the battery health section of your settings.

How to Troubleshoot your iPhone 12 Pro battery when it’s not working?

When troubleshooting any mobile electronic device you must always start at the common points of failure and work your way up. For example, if your iPhone 12 Pro is not powering on, first check to see if the iPhone battery is dead by connecting it to a power outlet.

  1. Make sure the Apple smartphone is completely charged. Ensure the Apple lightning charging cable is not bent, frayed or broken to rule out a bad cable and to make sure that your iPhone 12 Pro is charging. If the Apple iPhone 12 series device is completely dead, it will take a few seconds or even minutes of charging before displaying these icons:
  2. If the iPhone 12 still doesn’t come on after charging it, you may need a battery replacement.
  3. If the iPhone 12 powers on but doesn’t have any damage and doesn’t respond to touch, you most likely still need a screen replacement. The digitizer is a component of the screen that controls the touch functionality of your screen, it can be easily damaged even if your screen isn’t cracked and will most likely need a display assembly replacement to fix.

What causes the iPhone 12 Pro battery to stop working?

General usage over the course of one to two years depending on how much you utilize your iPhone on a daily basis will cause the iPhone battery to deteriorate. Don’t worry you aren’t doing anything wrong if your iPhone stops holding a charge, it just means you use your iPhone a lot and it’s time for a new battery. Apple smart phone batteries are very similar to car batteries. Similar to Apple iPhone batteries, most modern vehicles use lithium ion technology which means both have to be replaced and recycled at some point.

“I’m sure you’ve had to replace or even “jump-off” your car battery at some point. Phones are no different, they just require additional workmanship and equipment to complete.” – XiRepair Service Team Member

Here are just a few reasons why our customer’s have recently repaired their iPhone battery…

  • “I got tired of having to keep my iPhone on the charger at work…”
  • “My phone just died one day and never came back on. Turns out I just need a battery…”
  • “My iPhone 12 Pro swole up after taking it to another repair shop and they installed an aftermarket battery.”

Can you fix the iPhone 12 Pro Max battery by yourself?

“Absolutely! But there are a few things you should know before attempting this…”

The Apple iPhone 12 pro requires specialized equipment to even open the device before starting the repair. Trying to open the iPhone 12 series without using Apple’s heated display removal tool can be catastrophic to your screen or other components. The iPhone 12 series’s screen is extremely thin and certainly will shatter if an attempt to open the smart phone without the iPhone 12 hot pocket is made. The iPhone 12 series battery replacement isn’t difficult to complete, but it’s extremely easy to cause more damage to your device. A botched battery replacement often results in Face ID damage, a shattered screen or even FPC damage on the board. All three of these repairs cost hundreds of extra dollars to fix when you could have just let a professional do it worry free.

If you have the necessary confidence to complete the repair yourself, Apple has recently launched a self-repair program which allows customers to order the parts directly from Apple. You won’t have access to Apple’s internal diagnostics software, but you can rent the tools necessary and purchase a new battery. However, this program may be great for those who just want tinker, after factoring in the $1,200 plus hold they put on your credit card and the expensive rental fees they charge for using their tools and equipment, most customers are much better off just using an XiRepair same day repair service to repair their Apple iPhone battery.

Is it worth repairing the Battery? Should I just buy a new iPhone?

Replacing the battery is 100% worth it! Matter a fact replacing the battery is an absolute no brainer, even if you plan on getting a newer iPhone at some point. Let me explain…

The replacement cost of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is at minimum $1,999 for just the base model, however after factoring in a 10% tax rate, plus the additional activation fees, the real replacement cost of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is between $1,240 and $1,275!

Our budget friendly Genuine Apple iPhone battery replacement services replace your faulty battery with a brand new battery directly from Apple. This process turns a seemingly non-functional Apple iPhone into a practically new Apple iPhone that will hold its charge throughout the day.

Replacing the battery on an iPhone 12 is an easy decision! It’s way more affordable than replacing it, plus repairing your device is much better for the environment.

What is the actual repair process for fixing an iPhone 12 Pro battery with an Apple Genuine Part?

image 10

1. Run an MRI check on the device using Apple’s internal diagnostic console. Only authorized businesses and Apple partners have access to this internal software.

image 9

2. Remove the two Pentalobe screws holding down the display.

image 13

3. Place the iPhone 12 Pro into the corresponding Apple iPhone 13 “hot pocket.”

image 14

4. Insert the mobile phone and hot pocket into the official Apple heated display removal tool to warm up the water resistant seal just enough to gently remove the screen. Once the timer on the machine goes off remove the iPhone and hot pocket from the machine.

image 11

5. Unscrew and remove the plates covering the screen’s flex cables.

image 4

6. Remove the original display from the Apple device.

7. Remove and replace the water resistant seal on the iPhone. [Optional for the customer, we charge $15 extra for this process and highly recommend it]

image 5

8. Remove the new iPhone battery from the Apple packaging and connect the flex cables to the iPhone’s logic board.

image 6

9. Return and replace the screws and plates covering the display’s flex cables.


10. Test the iPhone 12 Pro display and other parts by powering on the device. We test all features of the iPhone before closing up the device to prevent having to use the heated display mechanism to re-open the device for a second time. If all components are working and pass inspection, then we close the device and replace the Pentalobe screws.

11. Enter the serial number of the new screen into Apple’s software to begin the re-serialization process. This process can only be completed by using official OEM genuine Apple parts which are available and in-stock at XiRepair® .

image 15 1

12. Run system-configuration inside of Apple’s software to ensure the new parts are serialized and paired to the phone.

13. Run post-repair configuration inside of the diagnostics suite to ensure that the new screen, face ID, cameras and all other components are working properly.

14. Manually test each feature of the phone, face ID, camera and all other components to make sure the device is working properly.


15. Insert the Apple iPhone 12 Pro into the corresponding holding tray and then place it under the water resistant sealing press. This press pushes the screen down, re-adhering the display to the new water resistant seal so your iPhone can be as close as possible to the water resistant levels from the factory.

That is our process for completing an iPhone 12 Pro battery replacement using the official genuine OEM Apple battery purchased from Apple directly and using official Apple tools and software.

Want your iPhone repaired without all the hassle?

At XiRepair® we are one of the largest walk-in and mail-in service providers for Apple iPhone battery repairs. Our certified iOS and MacOS technicians receive numerous iPhone 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 Mini and 12 phones to repair every single day! Our largest service center is located in Montgomery, Alabama and is open to walk-ins and mail-in screen replacements. If you are looking to get your iPhone 12 series screen or battery or charging port repaired without all the hassle and a guarantee that it’s fixed right the first time, click “GET A FREE QUOTE” below to see our current service price for your iPhone repair.

iPhone 12 Pro Battery Replacement Guide Video

In this video we will be showing each step our technicians take to complete a battery replacement on an iPhone 12 with an OEM battery purchased directly from Apple. This Apple iPhone 12 Pro was brought in to us by a customer. The iPhone clearly has a swollen battery. Currently the device powers on but simply sits on the Apple logo or boot loops. The customer cannot use their device in its current state. The customer said they took the iPhone to a different repair shop and that shop installed an aftermarket battery a few months ago. For other questions about your iPhone 12 repair, head over to our contact page.

We Hope You Learned:

  • How to identify a bad iPhone 12 battery that needs to be replaced
  • How to fix a bad iPhone 12 Pro Battery using an Apple Genuine Replacement Part
  • How to repair an iPhone battery without the none genuine part message pop up
  • Where to get your iPhone 12 battery replaced fast
  • How to replace a bad Apple iPhone 12 battery without damaging the screen

*45-60 minutes is just an average repair length. Every iPhone 12 battery replacement is different and though most of our iPhone battery replacements take less than an hour, we cannot guarantee that time frame without seeing the damage first. Some screens and batteries are more difficult to repair depending on how bad the damage is. We recommend customers to schedule an appointment to ensure we can accommodate their repair as quickly as possible.

About XiRepair®

XiRepair has been offering affordable, high quality and certified repair services since 2014.

Over the past decade we have repaired over 35,000 cell phones, computers, tablets and game consoles. There is a reason our mail-in repair service has received shipments from all 50 states and numerous foreign countries, our prices and quality of work are just unmatched.

How much do we charge?

We offer a fast quoting system that will give you a free quote for your device based on the problem you are encountering. Click Get a FREE Quote below to learn the cost of your repair.

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