Hard Drive Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery at XiRepair is an industry leader in hard drive data recovery services with state-of-the-art tools and professionals with decades of experience. Our team of experts are confident in our abilities to recover files, images and data from any failed, dead or dying hard drive. Once our team of professionals recover your data, we will then transfer your data to a new drive for you to access. Our professional and knowledgeable specialists are familiar with Windows and MACos operating systems which are the two primary operating systems for hard drives. Any sort of physical or logical hard disk failure can be addressed and fixed by our XiRepair experts.

Whether your hard drive isn’t reading, clicking or just not acting right, our hard drive recovery specialists offer fast and extremely competitive pricing to ensure you not only get back what is important to you, but at a reasonable price. Our data recovery team follows strict security standards to prevent unauthorized access to recovered data that was lost or damaged. XiRepair hard drive recovery services have one of the highest recovery success rates in the industry. If we can’t recover your data, nobody can.

For Hard Drive Data Recovery, XiRepair is your best recovery solution business. All of our specialists have undergone rigorous certification and qualification measurements to ensure our clients have the peace of mind that our team members are trustworthy and adequately qualified to recover their data.


Common Hard Drive Recovery Services

Our experience in the lab allows us to perform hard drive recovery on hard drives of all types, shapes and sizes, regardless of physical size or device issue. Here are the most common types of storage  devices that we recover data from:

● Stand Alone Drives – 3.5” Internal Hard Drives
● Computer Data Recovery – PCs, Desktops, All-In-Ones
● Laptop Data Recovery – MacBooks, Notebooks, Windows Laptops
● SSD Data Recovery – internal M.2 SSDs, 2.5” Solid State Drives
● External Hard Drive – USB Hubs, Portal Mass Media Storage Devices

Internal Hard Drive Data Recovery

Most computer systems store data on a 2.5” or 3.5” internal hard drive. The 2.5” hard drive has been the industry standard since the late 1980s. Today, hard drives have become faster and even more advanced, however they are still prone to mechanical and logical failures that can lead to complete data loss if not handled properly. The data recovery team at XiRepair has years of experience handling delicate electronic devices and is well versed in how to recover data from internal hard drives.

Computer Desktop Data Recovery

There are many different types of computer desktops including stand alone tower PCs, All-In-One Monitor Computers and even USB stick computers. Each type of machine has a different type of storage technology. Most computer desktops today run using the 3.5” Internal Hard Drive. When the internal hard drive fails or dies, the computer may turn on but the data is no longer accessible. In the event of a hard drive failure, our team of data recovery experts needs to get our hands on the hard drive as soon as possible. The XiRepair Data Recovery team will use our industry leading technology and diagnostic systems to ensure your data is recovered and preserved.

Laptop Data Recovery

A laptop failure can be detrimental to your life and business. Having a certified data recovery expert like XiRepair to offer immediate assistance is crucial to preserve and protect your data from being permanently lost. Our data recovery team specializes in all types of data recovery including laptop data recovery. Our technicians can retrieve and restore a damaged laptop to ensure the data is recoverable. In most cases, the laptop is perfectly fine however the internal solid state drive or hard drive has failed and will need a XiRepair specialist to recover its data.

SSD Data Recovery

XiRepair utilizes state of the art tools and equipment from across the globe to provide fast, high-quality and private data recovery services. Unlike a mechanical hard drive, solid state drives depend on integrated circuit assemblies to store data. Therefore, SSDs require a completely different level of skills to recover them. This is why there are so few data recovery experts who can actually recover data from them. But don’t fret, our team at XiRepair has seen so many Solid State Drives over the years, our team knows exactly what to do.

External Hard Drive

Most external hard drives are simply 2.5” or 3.5” hard drives enclosed in a plastic container with an external power supply and USB connection. Unfortunately, they are prone to die and one ofthe most common types of data recoveries that our team completes. XiRepair data recovery specialists are beyond qualified to provide you and your external hard drive with the necessary data recovery services required to retrieve your important data.

What are some signs that my drive will need data recovery services?

If your hard drive is exhibiting any of the items listed below, chances are your device needs to be sent to an XiRepair data recovery center.

Not Reading – computer turns on, but says no hard disk found.
Clicking or Grinding Noises – Turn off your device immediately and do not turn it back on, keeping it powered on with these symptoms can permanently destroy your storage device.
Burn Signs or Smell – If any smoke or discoloration from burns appears on the drive or computer immediately power off.
Liquid & Fire Damage – Turn the device off, remove the battery or power source.
Deleted or Lost Data

Things you shouldn’t do when your hard drive is not working

Opening It

It’s only human nature to want to attempt to fix your drive by opening it and seeing what’s going on inside, however this can simply cause more damage. If the platters inside the drive are exposed to the wrong amount of pressure or particles it can damage the drive permanently. So, unless you are a data recovery expert please do not attempt to open the drive.

Buying Software

The vast majority of quote “data recovery” software on the market will be no help to the vast majority of people with a dead hard drive. Most online data recovery softwares over promise and ultimately disappoint. We would advise against getting sucked into buying expensive software that you will never use again and probably won’t help get your data back.

How much will it cost to recover the data on my hard drive?

The cost of our hard drive recovery service depends on what’s wrong with the storage device and how difficult it is going to be for our experts to retrieve your data. In order to give you an estimate, our technicians need to have the hard drive in house to access the damage. Luckily for you, XiRepair offers a free, no-obligation estimate and diagnosis to determine what is wrong with the drive before you even have to pay a penny.

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