Game Console Repair


Doesn’t Turn On / No Power

Game Console not turning on? Odds are your console needs a power supply replacement.


Damaged HDMI Port / No Display

Nothing shows up when you turn your console on? This is one of the most common repairs in the industry. We complete HDMI port replacements from all over the country.


Console Cleaning

Fan’s roaring? Dust and bugs crawling out of your console? You probably need a good deep cleaning. Let our techs take your console apart and give it a good cleansing.


Retimer IC Repair


Bluetooth Repair

Controllers or accessories won’t connect? Bluetooth ICs and controllers can go bad and need to be replaced.


Fan Replacement

Fan’s roaring? Console overheating? Fan replacements are one of the most common repairs we complete.

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Game Console Repair

We are known across the country for our advanced game console repair. We have fixed game consoles via mail-in from every state in the union. Our technicians pride themselves by being the best console repair experts in the industry. At XiRepair we promise your console will receive the best repair service that you or it can possibly find.

Even though game consoles are stationary items in most cases, customers still seem to find a way to break or damage them. Whether its an HDMI chord that got yanked out a little to hard or a power supply that went out when lightening struck, our team of experts will have your console fixed in no time.

We fix all major brands of consoles; PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and more. Our technicians can pinpoint the problem with your device today. Give us a call at 334-777-1234 or email us at [email protected]


OEM Quality Game Repair Parts

When we complete a game console repair we only use the highest OEM quality parts to ensure that your device is repaired the way it should be.


1 Year Warranty

By using the highest quality parts and the best technicians, we are able to offer an unbeatable 1 year warranty to back all of our game console repairs. For example, if your PlayStation 5 is fixed and has issues post repair that are related to the repair we completed, we will fix them for FREE!


World Class Game Experts

There are little to no issues that our game console repair team haven’t already seen or fixed. Since there are only a handful of game consoles out there and we receive hundreds everyday we can assure you we have probably seen much worse than what your console needs.


Best Console Repair Prices Guaranteed

You won’t find a better price on game console repair. Because our team of experts does so many game repairs everyday we can offer repair services at a much better price than almost any shop around.

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Free Game Diagnostics

Let our certified technicians diagnosis your game console today for FREE!

Best Price Guaranteed

We offer the highest quality game console parts in the industry at only the best price.

Lightening Fast Repairs

Our repair team can service your game console in less than 1 hour for most common repairs.

World Class Game Repair

Our console technicians have received awards both locally and nationally for our affordable repair services.

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