MacBook Repair

Macbook Repair always starts with a typical evaluation so that we can provide you with the best repair services that will be most effective in resolving it. Whether it’s a broken screen, swollen battery, or you accidentally spilled into your laptop, we got your back. Rather than waiting in line all day at the mall, we will take care of you right now.

Are you a Macbook user who is tired of paying exorbitant repair fees for even minor difficulties at a high-end store? XiRepair is the place to go when you need fast, reliable Macbook repair that won’t break the bank. Our trained specialists are experts in using Macbooks and decoding all of the most common Macbook problems are addressed whether it is software or hardware.

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Our Services Include:

Broken LCD Replacement, cracked screen services

RAM Upgrades, to speed up your laptop

Keyboard Replacement, to fix any broken keyboard keys that do not work

Hard Drive Replacements, to add more memory to your computer

CD-ROM driver replacement services

Virus Removal services, to clean and speed up your laptop

Battery Replacement, to increase life of your laptop throughout the day


Is your MacBook battery dead? Battery replacements are incredibly important, Don’t toss your computer in the garbage just yet. Our battery replacement service for MacBook Pros is quick, affordable, and frequently done the same day.


It’s quick, convenient and Simple. That is the service we provide for replacing the hard disk in a MacBook Pro. Don’t think your laptop is a hunk of useless metal if your data disk fails. Whether it’s removing your old drive and replacing it with a new one, or fixing the one you already have.


With our MacBook Pro keyboard replacement service, you won’t have to worry about stuck or broken keys. We’re quick, dependable, and only use genuine replacement components. You’ll get the same high-quality keyboard and backlight that you’d get from an Apple service or repair.


Is your MacBook screen cracked or broken? Our MacBook screen replacement service is fast and easy. Our Mac screen replacement solution is straightforward and cost-effective. The LCD also includes an embedded digitizer, which enables the touch capability to function. The entire display is replaced during both a glass repair and an LCD repair; nevertheless, there is a pricing difference between the two because good LCDs retain their worth regardless of the glass.


Have you had any problems with your Mac as a result of water damage? Our Apple water damage repair service is the most efficient and affordable option to save your computer. We’ll repair the problematic parts and get your computer back up and running, whether it’s a MacBook, MacBook Pro, Air, or desktop.

How much does it cost to repair a MacBook?

Depending on the MacBook we’re settling, Apple’s level repair framework runs from $300 to $849. You ought to take your $4,000 MacBook Master 15′′ Touch bar to Apple in the event that you’ve completely fricasseed it. XiRepair guides and dismantling data for Apple’s Mac individual computers. Mac investigating, repair, and benefit manuals.

MacBook Repair In Montgomery, Alabama

We’re the most excellent within the commerce since we have the components and devices to quickly and affordably repair your Apple portable workstation. Each day at XiRepair, we resolve visit issues on MacBook Discuss, MacBook Master Retina, and MacBook Master gadgets.

Make an appointment with a XiRepair and bring your Mac in. MacBook Repair ,Apple repairs and iPhone screen replacements are also available on the same day.

We offer immediate fix service with BIG savings. Stop in our store today and see what makes us the best of the best! XiRepair team is personally trained in cellphone, tablet, and laptop/computer repair, and they always select and buy the best tools available in the market or online. Here at XiRepair we always select the best brand tools in fixing our customers’ mobile. We at XiRepair cater to all possible cell phone service needs and we have the right resources to offer you the best results without damaging your budgets. We assess MacBook Repair and recheck your portable workstation after it has been repaired to confirm it is working appropriately.

If you’re looking for a MacBook Repair shop to fix your broken unit, XiRepair is the best place. We are experts in repairing all kinds of problems with Apple computers.

XiRepair offers skilled iPhone, iPad repair and cell phone repair services. We have qualified experts who can perform a wide range of repairs on various iPhone models and smartphone manufacturers. We are committed to delivering the best possible repairs for all our customer’s devices. We have the skills to do quality repairs on your Macbook and we’re trusted for our fast, reliable service. Call us today!