Nintendo Switch Repair

Nintendo Switch Repair Your favorite game system will be repaired to the next level. We can help with xbox, playstation, or nintendo games. Although new Nintendo Switch systems are still unavailable, you may have yours repaired! Do you have a problem with your computer or game? We can assist you! It’s simple, quick, and safe to schedule a repair with Nintendo. For the Nintendo Switch Lite, we fix a wide range of issues.

The majority of repairs can be done while you wait, so there’s no need to be concerned about being kept waiting for an extended period of time. All of the parts are brand new and came from a brand new unit.

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General Troubleshooting for Nintendo Switch Repair

Help with audio or video issues, power troubleshooting, error messages and more can be found on our support site. Try finding help for your issue using the links below:




Internet Connection

Applications and Services

For physical and liquid damage to the console:

If your system has been physically damaged or dropped into liquid, use the appropriate link below for assistance. Please note that these issues are not covered by warranty:

We need to know exactly what kind of problem your system is having in order to discover the best repair option for you. To do so, go to the Nintendo Switch Repair troubleshooting section and choose the issue you’re having. You will be presented with the best repair or replacement options accessible to you at the conclusion of troubleshooting.

Is your console’s battery life dwindling, or is it having charging issues? The battery is most likely the source of your difficulties! In truth, the battery may begin to lose charge more quickly after prolonged use or if it has simply worn down over time. Don’t worry, your Nintendo Switch’s battery is simply changed!

Our goal is to make fixing easy for everyone. XiRepair is an on-site repair service, is introduced by our team. It has the advantage of being able to be repaired at home, at work, or in a coffee shop!