Nintendo Switch Repair

Nintendo Switch Repair or the Nintendo Switch has been extremely successful for the japanese brand. Some of the most common issues our technicians run into on the switch is cracked screens, damaged charging ports, charging ports that are not reading, volume button not working, and the battery not holding a charge. If you have a problem with your Nintendo Switch game console, our technicians are extremely well trained on what causes their issues and how to fix them fast. Our Nintendo Switch repair solutions are simple, quick, and fast. To schedule a repair for your Nintendo game system click below. XiRepair offers repair options for both the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite editions.

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Nintendo Switch Repairs are more common than you think. We fix hundreds of broken charging ports, screens, dead batteries, and buttons from all over the US. Our technicians are well trained to fix your Nintendo Switch or Lite and have it back up and running properly. At XiRepair you and your game console will receive next level service and repair options to ensure your device is fixed permanently.

Unlike many places, our Nintendo Switch repairs are done in-house by certified technicians in the fastest time frame possible. Servicing 1000s of units from all 50-states has allowed us to quickly identify and troubleshoot common problems that ensure on the Nintendo Switch. Setting up a repair for your Nintendo is fast, easy, and secure. Simply bring your console to any XiRepair location or simply get a label and mail it in. Our certified experts use OEM quality replacement parts and our repairs are backed by our XiRepair 1 year warranty.

CHARGING PORT REPAIR – Nintendo Switch Repair

If the charging port on your Nintendo Switch is not reading your docking station or charger you most likely need a charging port replacement. The USB-c charging port can be soldered off and replaced with a new one exactly like the factory that builds them. Our level III technicians offer microsoldering solutions that are identical and in some cases even better than the work we see completed on nintendo switches. The XiRepair technician will open the switch, remove the motherboard and desolder off the defective charging port and resolder on a new OEM quality charging port. Very few stores have the capabilities or no-how to complete these repairs, but our  technicians do them all the time! Our services are used across the country and are even backed by our unbeatable 1 year warranty. If your charging port has any problems after the repair, as long as it’s not damaged, our technicians will assist in replacing it for you for FREE!


Is your Nintendo Switch’s glass screen shattered, cracked or damaged? Don’t fret, our techs see this everyday… literally. It’s one of the most common things that happen. Whether a kid was angry and threw the switch across the room or was simply dropped while on a long car ride, cracked screens are inevitable. That is why at XiRepair we offer an affordable and fast Nintendo Switch screen replacement service. Our technicians will remove your damaged screen and replace it with a new high quality replacement screen. Your device’s screen will be fixed in no time, schedule an appointment, drop it off or mail it in today.

Battery Replacement – Nintendo Switch Repair

Is your Nintendo Switch no longer holding a charge or dying fast? Many individuals are unaware that the batteries need to be replaced in almost every mobile game console, including the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite! Most lithium ion batteries need to be replaced before 600 charge cycles. One charge cycle is a period of use from the switch being fully charged, to fully discharged, and fully recharged again. This battery replacement rule of 600 charge cycles applies to almost all consumer electronics including phones, tablets, laptops and even drones.

For physical and liquid damage to the console:

At XiRepair our technicians specialize in water damage repair. In order to quote you for the repairs necessary to get a water damaged Nintendo Switch functioning our technicians will need to diagnose. Luckily for you, at XiRepair diagnostics are 100% FREE! This means you don’t have to spend a penny for us to determine the issue with your Nintendo Switch. To have a XiRpeair technician diagnose your device simply stop by any XiRepair store, or mail-it-in to us. Our Nintendo Switch Repair solutions are affordable and reliable, plus they are all backed by our 1 year warranty.

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