Frequently Asked Questions

Common Frequently Asked Questions

No! Our diagnostics are completely FREE! No fix no fee, we keep it simple.

Yes! All repairs come with our 1 year parts and labor warranty which means if you have any issues related to the repair or parts used within the 12 month warranty period we will fix it for FREE!

30 to 60 minutes for common repairs when parts are kept in stock. We do recommend appointments because we tend to stay extremely busy, but you are welcome to walk in as well.

Please understand that XiRepair offers simple and advanced repairs. If your device needs a more advanced soldering repair or a replacement part that we don’t have in stock, your repair may take longer.

Cell Phones, Computers, Tablets, Game Consoles and other electronic devices. If you would like to know if we offer repair services for your device, click the ‘start repair’ button below.

Yes! Our team of certified technicians repair devices that need logic board level repairs everyday.

Common micro-soldering repairs include HDMI Port Replacement, USB Charging
Ports, board level ICs, retimer chips, daughter board replacements, and so much

Yes! Often times a customer will need

Yes! Currently XiRepair offers genuine Apple, Samsung, Motorola, OnePlus, LG and Lenovo service parts. These are just a handful of the most commonly used OEM parts that we offer directly from the manufacturer.

Yes! XiRepair is an Apple and Samsung independent service provider. Our technicians and company hold the following certifications:

Apple Certified iOS Technician (ACiT)
Apple Certified Mac Technician (ACMT)
WISE Level I Technician
WISE Level II Technician
WISE Retail Store Certification
XiRepair Level I Technician
XiRepair Level II Technician
XiRepair Level III Technician

Our 1 year warranty covers defects in the parts that we install as well as the labor associated with the repair. The warranty does not cover issues caused by physical or liquid damage.

Please refer to our terms of service for more information.

Within 1-2 Years of regular use. The typical cell phone or tablet lithium ion battery begins to deteriorate after 400 charging cycles and will generally last to around 600 charge cycles. The average user will reach this point within 1-2 years of regular usage. An XiRepair technician will gladly test your battery for free to determine if it needs to be replaced.

No. XiRepair® does not sell parts or tools. Unfortunately, many of the manufacturers prevent us from legally selling OEM parts and tools directly to consumers. We do sell smartphones, electronics, and cell phone/tech accessories.

Yes. If we do not obtain the passcode for your device we cannot test all the functions of the device to guarantee that they are working properly before and after the repair. If you do not feel comfortable giving out the password, we can proceed with your repair but you will not receive nor benefit from our 1 year warranty because we were not able to test the device.

We have extremely strict protocol measures to ensure that the data on your device is not compromised. We value and respect your privacy.

Immediately power off the device. Do not attempt to power the device back on until one of our experienced water damage professionals can remove any liquid before the board begins to become corroded. Powering on the device while it has water damage can cause serious shorts and further damage.

Immediately power down your device and bring it to the nearest phone repair shop. Just because the device appears to work fine today does not mean that it doesn’t have water damage. The longer you wait to repair the liquid damage inside a device the worse the corrosion can become, thus causing you to spend even more on repairs.

We have extremely strict protocol measures to ensure that the data on your device is safe.

There are some services floating around on the market that advertise repair prices that are just too good to be true. Oftentimes, these cheap repairs include inferior replacement parts littered with defects, lacking any decent warranty and are completed by technicians with little to no experience! The old saying, “You get what you pay for” is extremely true in the electronics repair industry.

At XiRepair, we offer both high quality aftermarket parts for those on a budget and genuine OEM service parts (when available) for those looking for the highest quality parts. We believe in letting you, the customer choose which service is right for you and your pocketbook.

We accept Visa, Amex, Chase, Discover, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Cash App, & Venmo.

We also offer several financing and leasing options.

Data Recovery Questions

Computers, Laptops, Hard Drives, Solid State Drives, Flash Drives, SD Cards, Mobile Phones and other removable media.

Our success rate once the problem is identified varies based on the device/media type. We can assure you that our team will do everything possible to recover what is important to you!

Cell Phones – 97%

Tablets – 95%

Computers – 97%

Laptops – 96%

Hard Drives, SSDs – 94%

Physical Security: Our advanced data recoveries are secured behind multiple commercial grade security doors and then locked into controlled locking metal cabinets. Only our highest level of technicians are permitted to engage with advanced data recoveries. If government agencies can in-trust us with case evidence, you can trust us with your data.

Security Standards: Our technicians are required to complete our in-house certification standard, background checks and complete countless years of rigorous training before access to advanced data recoveries is permitted.

Zero Tolerance Policy: We demand and require our staff follow our extremely secure procedures and protocols to ensure that your data is completely safe with us. Our team members do not disclose or divulge any data, period. All data is recovered in a controlled environment.

Completely depends on the device. Here are some averages by device, but every data recovery can be completely different. A software repair might be able to be completed the same day, but ordering a donor drive from overseas and replacing the head stack assembly may take 30 days total. Our team can provide a time estimate, but some things like sourcing donor parts and shipping are just outside of our control.

Computer, Laptop or Hard Drive: 14 – 36 days
Mobile Phone/Tablet: 14 days
Flash Drive/Removable Media: 14 days

No, we do not allow any unauthorized personnel inside our data recovery lab or repair area. Our data recovery experts work on multiple jobs simultaneously and we cannot allow the privacy of other customers to be breached by unauthorized individuals.

Depending on the size of the recovered data, our team will advise you on the most appropriate storage device for us to extract your data too.

For example, if our team recovers 5gb of data from your damaged SD card, we might recommend a 8gb flash drive. But if your 500Gb external hard drive dies and we recover all the data on it, we might recommend a new 1Tb external hard drive to recover the data too. frequently asked questions

We ask customers to provide an external drive with enough storage to copy all the recovered data. However, if you do not have an external storage device we sell high quality storage devices at affordable price ranges.

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