Apple’s Self-Repair Program Is Live, and Here’s What You Need To Know

Apple Self Service Program

Apple announced in November of 2021 that they would begin rolling out a self-repair service option for consumers to repair their own device. As of today, this program is now live for US customers. Everyday consumers have the option to purchase repair parts for the iPhone 12 series, 13 series and Apple’s latest iPhone SE (3rd gen). The available service parts are currently limited to display assemblies, batteries, loud speakers, sim card trays and taptic engine replacements. In what appears to be a complete 180 for the trillion dollar company, Apple has made their repair guides public for the first time in company history. Here is what we think you should know about the program:

  • Apple launched a public website for consumers to order parts, tools and to recalibrate service parts post-repair.
  • Apple publicly released repair guides for the iPhone 12 series, 13 series and SE (3rd Gen).
  • Apple offers a $49 rentable kit for 7 days to consumers who don’t already have the necessary tools to complete repairs.
  • Unlike Apple’s IRP program, there are no requirements to purchase parts or access manuals other than providing name, email, address and device serial number.
  • Apple is aiming to give customer’s a chance to DIY their own phone repair rather than utilizing the Apple authorized network.
  • Other international jurisdictions and devices will be added to the program in the coming months.

We are excited to see Apple launch their own online self service option. This is one step in the right direction for the tech conglomerate and a major win for right to repair advocates. Not too many years ago, Apple seemed to fight tooth and nail against anyone repairing Apple products except their “geniuses”. However, times change and Apple seems to be slowly but surely coming around to the fact that customers not only want, but demand, fair, adequate and affordable repair options for their electronic devices.

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Although Apple’s self-service program is a great addition to the list of consumer repair options, it doesn’t make sense financially for the average joe or Jill who just wants their device fixed. By the time you factor in the tool rental fees and wait for the parts to be arrive, you could have just brought your device to the nearest XiRepair® location and recieved a same day service that includes our unbeatable 1 year warranty. If are looking for a fast and affordable Apple repair or happened to damage your device trying to “DIY” it… click here to get a free quote on a repair today.

Apple Service Options Comparison

Editors Take

Customers can order spare screws, genuine water seals, and cowling replacements which could come in handy for even the average repair shop. I’m excited to see apple taking the company in a different direction than it’s previous decade of anti-third party repair tactics. I believe the COVID pandemic changed the world dramatically and when the Apple stores were forced to close, Apple realized how important a large number of service providers really is to their customers and the entire technology ecosystem. In the auto repair industry, the local oil change station, nor the mom and pop mechanic are perceived as a threat or a nuisance to the large OEMs. In fact, most car dealerships happily sell OEM parts over the counter to consumers and repair shops alike. Hopefully, the team at Apple Inc has realized that repair is here to stay and that their is urgent need for them to embrace an affordable and environmentally friendly approach to solving customer’s repair and service needs. I am excited for what the future holds for the electronics repair and reuse industry as a whole.


This is the service tool kit that Apple allows customers to “rent” for $49.

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