Data Recovery


Hard Drive

Our team of expert Data Recovery technicians can recover your data from a hard drive that has been wiped, formatted, and/or damaged!


Cell Phone

Your cell phone data is not lost, let our professional team do what others can’t and bring your data back!


Regain Lost Data

If your Mac’s data has been lost or destroyed we can get it back! Our technical team can effectively restore deleted files and regain


Solid State Drive

Solid-state drive’s (SSD) use integrated circuitry rather than physical disks like hard drives. This however, does not mean they are not prone to data loss.



Whether your laptop is working or not, we can recover the data today. Let our team obtain what you have lost.


Removable Media

Flash drives, SD cards, camera cards, floppy disks, and other removable media. Our techs will bring your data back to life.

Your Data Is Not Lost

At XiRepair our certified team of data recovery experts are here to help you. When you let XiRepair recover your lost data, you can expect only the highest standard of privacy and service in the industry. Unlike most “data recovery services” we do almost all of our work in-house. Let us recover your lost data quickly and affordably today!

Our data recovery team will bring back your lost data in no time! Let our professional team of experts do what others don’t even believe is possible. There is a reason customer choose XiRepair for all their data recovery needs.


Affordable Data Recovery Options

Unfortunately, many data recovery services royally rip off customers. However, at XiRepair you can rest assured that our team of data recovery experts are here to help by finding the most affordable and cost-effective solution to get your memories and lost files back into your hands.

The finest data recovery software and services make restoring deleted files and folders on your PC, Mac, Android device, or iPhone quick and straightforward.

Anyone who has lost data, whether due to hardware or software failure, unintentional deletion, or cybercrime, will tell you that it is a distressing experience.

The Best Data Recovery Service in Alabama

We have developed proprietary metrics and training to ensure our team is capable of retrieving the maximum amount of data in every recovery situation. Whether you have a laptop, computer, cell phone, flash drive or other storage device, we can and will get your lost data.

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Let the professionals recover your data today!

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Free Evaluation

Let our XiRepair recovery engineers diagnosis and evaluate your device for FREE!

No Data No Charge

In the unlikely event that your data isn’t recoverable, there is zero charge for our attempt.

Award Winning Data Recovery Service

Our technicians have received awards both locally and nationally for our data retrieval service.

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