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XiRepair Voted The Best iPhone Repair Shop in Montgomery, Alabama

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When searching for an electronics repair craftsman, look no further than XiRepair. Our home grown micro-electronics repair operation has humble beginnings right here in Montgomery, Alabama Our founder Jonathan Strange started our grand iPhone repair business as a freshman at Robert E. Lee highschool. As a ninth grader, Jonathan ranked our repair company’s website to the first page of Google which opened the floodgates for our affordable repair services to be offered to every Montgomery native searching for the “best iPhone screen repair near me” online! The local startup quite frankly… blew up. The company later rebranded itself into “XiRepair”, Montgomery’s
number one certified phone part installer for services such as the iPhone screen repair, iPhone battery replacement, iPhone charge port repair, Apple camera repair, Apple iPad repair services and data recovery needs.

Unlike many business operations in today’s high cost era, XiRepairs aims to save your family money by offering dependable and affordable fixes when you need the most.

Looking for the best iPhone Repair in Montgomery, Alabama?

Congratulations! … You found them. That’s right XiRepair is, has and always will be the top rated electronics repair shop in Central Alabama. You wouldn’t believe your eyes if you saw some of the Apple and Samsung smartphones we have displayed on our wall of shame inside our iPhone repair service locations. Our Apple certified iOS and MacOS technicians love fixing smart iPhones and iPads other shops deem unfixable in Montgomery, County and beyond…there is no finer repair shop in The Gump.

XiRepair® has been offering a wide range of Apple, Samsung, Google, and other Cell Phone Repair services right here in Montgomery, Alabama since 2014.


Affordable iPhone Battery Replacements in Montgomery, Alabama

When your iPhone isn’t holding a charge anymore or you live with an iPhone charger in your back pocket, it’s time for you to upgrade your iPhone battery. But don’t worry it’s really much more simple of a repair than most people realize! Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself. Watch this iPhone 12 Pro battery replacement that we did inside the largest service location in Montgomery, Alabama recently.

Apple iPhone Diagnostics, Parts and Installation All Included In Our Top Rated iPhone Screen Repair Services

If you have an Apple iOS device with a busted screen it’s time for a new device. You just can’t keep walking around the city of Martin Luther King Jr’s church with a broken device! You know even MLK would have fixed his iPhone 11 with LCD damage because how else would he have delivered the I have a Dream speech over the people’s platform of Twitter? But in all seriousness, pick up the phone, click get a FREE quote and schedule an appointment to get your Apple iPhone repaired… you deserve it!

Affordable Apple iOS Fixing Services in Montgomery, AL

One of the most expensive services in the world is… buying a new iPhone. I mean seriously have you priced the latest iPhone 14?

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Just kidding! There isn’t an iPhone 14… yet. Instead of wasting $1,400 on the latest iPhone plus taxes (+10%) and activation fees (+$20-$40), simply schedule an appointment with your pals at XiRepair. Our certified technicians can and will repair your Apple iOS device at a fraction of the cost to purchase a new one. Plus the best part is when you make your old iPhone look new again you don’t have to worry about setting up your device again! You can simply get back to your life without the technological interruptions. Start living life on your terms again and get your iPhone repaired by Montgomery’s best iPhone repair shop.

Other Electronic Solutions offered by XiRepair’s Certified Technicians in Apple Repair in Montgomery, AL:

XiRepair offers Apple electronic repair services including screen repair fixes and cracked display assembly solutions at the most affordable prices in town.

What ZIP Codes do we service near Montgomery, Alabama for Cell Phone Repair?

Fast and reliable Apple and Samsung repair services are available to customers in all of the
following River Region ZIP codes:

What cities do we service near Montgomery, Alabama for iPhone Screen Repair?

Our skilled micro-electronic repair technicians offer solutions for anyone looking to save a few dollars in the following cities and surrounding greater Montgomery metropolitan areas: Pike Road, Prattville, Booth, Hope Hull, Millbrook, Elmore, Coosada, Wetumpka, Mount Meigs, Cecil, Selma and Greenville, Alabama.

XiRepair – Montgomery Alabama’s Only Apple Independent Repair Provider

XiRepair is Montgomery’s only remaining Apple independent service provider. Nearly 10 years of dedicated excellence in the River Region area have allowed us to keep our doors swinging every single day for the people of this historic city. XiRepair has deep roots with the Montgomery community because of its top rated Apple iPhone services.

About XiRepair®

XiRepair has been offering affordable, high quality and certified repair services since 2014.

Over the past decade we have repaired over 35,000 cell phones, computers, tablets and game consoles. There is a reason our mail-in repair service has received shipments from all 50 states and numerous foreign countries, our prices and quality of work are just unmatched.

How much do we charge?

We offer a fast quoting system that will give you a free quote for your device based on the problem you are encountering. Click Get a FREE Quote below to learn the cost of your repair.

free 4 Free Diagnostics
warranty 2 1 Year Warranty
oem 3 OEM Quality Parts