iPhone 13 Genuine Apple Screen Replacement

iPhone 13 Genuine Apple Screen Replacement 1

iPhone 13 Genuine Apple Screen Replacement

So your brand new iPhone 13 front glass is now shattered. What’s next? Does the LCD screen have lines running vertically up and down the screen? Does your iPhone 13 power on but won’t read your touch? Don’t worry, these are all common symptoms of a damaged iPhone 13 and can be quickly fixed by our certified team of Apple repair experts. 

About our iPhone 13 screen repair: 

The OLED screen module on the iPhone 13 incorporates four main components. The OLED screen, digitizer (the touch screen), the front glass and the supporting frame. All of these parts are securely glued together at Apple’s contracted factories. Cracked iPhone screens are one of the most common repairs our technicians see on a daily basis. When any one of these components fails or becomes damaged, the entire display assembly is replaced to remedy the damage or problems. 

Here are our most frequently asked iPhone 13 screen replacement questions:

How Long Does It Take To Repair An iPhone 13 Screen?

45 – 60 minutes*

Our same day iPhone 13 screen replacement service isn’t just fast, it’s lightning fast. At XiRepair, we pride ourselves on holding one of the largest parts inventories in the industry, which means we complete the screen replacement within the same day because we keep the replacement iPhone 13 screens in stock.

Our service locations repair hundreds of Apple iPhones with cracked screens, damaged LCDs, and no-touch problems every day. Our experienced lcd and digitizer technicians are adequately trained on how to quickly repair Apple iPhone screens including the Apple iPhone thirteen. Once the repair is checked in at one of our service locations a technician will complete the iPhone 13 repair within 45 – 60 minutes. We do highly recommend scheduling an appointment to ensure that we can fit you in, we welcome walk-ins but we tend to stay very very busy.

What Are Genuine Apple Parts And Do We Offer Them?

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Our service locations offer both aftermarket and Genuine Apple parts for repairs. Our staff will present you with the price for both the aftermarket option (when available) and the Genuine Apple part price. When a customer chooses to use a Genuine Apple part for their repair, the customer will receive a new screen replacement part that is sourced directly from Apple’s US warehouses and that part will be serialized using Apple’s proprietary repair software. During the repair, our certified ACiT technicians utilize GSX to diagnose and reserialize the new part to your iPhone 13. This re-serialization process pairs the new part to your iPhone 13 and ensures that your phone functions just like it would after the first day you opened it. 

How can you tell if the iPhone 13 Screen needs to be replaced?

broken iPhone
  • The front glass is cracked or shattered
  • The screen doesn’t respond to your touch
  • The OLED display is not working or has lines or dark spots
  • The front glass is badly scratched

Here are some Images of damaged iPhone screens our team has repaired

If your Apple iPhone 13 display looks like any of these phone’s we’ve fixed before then chances are… you need a new display assembly my friend!

How to Troubleshoot your iPhone 13 display when it’s not working?

When troubleshooting any mobile electronic device you must always start at the common points of failure and work your way up. For example, if your iPhone 13 is not displaying, first check to see if the battery is dead by connecting it to a power outlet. 

1.Make sure the Apple smartphone is completely charged. Ensure the Apple lightning charging cable is not bent, frayed or broken to rule out a bad cable and to make sure that your iPhone 13 is charging. If the Apple iPhone 13 is completely dead, it will take a few seconds or even minutes of charging before displaying these icons:

2. If the iPhone 13 still doesn’t come on after charging it, you may need a screen or display assembly. If the iPhone 13 powers on but you see lines running up and down the display you will need a screen replacement.

3. If the iPhone 13 powers on but doesn’t have any damage and doesn’t respond to touch, you most likely still need a screen replacement. The digitizer is a component of the screen that controls the touch functionality of your screen, it can be easily damaged even if your screen isn’t cracked and will most likely need a display assembly replacement to fix.

What causes the iPhone 13 screen to break?

Dropping the device on rocky surfaces, tile, hardwood floor or just dropping it in general is the biggest culprit of damaged iPhone screens. The Apple iPhone 13 display is one of the thinnest models to date and the display is even thinner than ever. The actual OLED panel underneath the iPhone 13 screen is about the size of an egg shell. 

Here are just a few reasons why our customer’s have recently repaired their iPhone 13 screens…

  • “Dropped it off the ladder while hanging decorations…”
  • “It was thrown across the room during an argument with my spouse…”
  • “Late night at the bar. Left it on the roof of the car. Immediately got on the interstate. Found it the next morning near the entrance ramp on the interstate but it had been ran over by a car.” (yes we fixed this one by the way, ask us in store and we will show you which one it is on our famous wall of shame)

Can you fix the iPhone 13 Screen by yourself?

“Yes You Can! But that doesn’t mean you should…”

The Apple iPhone 13 screen requires specialized equipment to even complete the repair. Failure to use Apple’s heated display removal tool and the corresponding Apple iPhone 13 hot pocket can easily result in additional damage. The iPhone 13 screen replacement isn’t hard to do, but it’s very easy to mess up. A botched screen replacement often results in Face ID damage or FPC damage on the board which costs even more to fix.

If you have the necessary tools and equipment to complete the repair yourself… go for it! Just remember if damage occurs to any of the components that you have to remove or come into contact with during the screen replacement process, you will have to fix those or certain features such as face ID may not function as intended. Recently Apple launched a self-repair program where customers can rent the tools themselves, but after factoring in the $1,200 hold they put on your credit card and the rental fees they charge for the tools and equipment, most customers might as well just use an XiRepair service location to repair their Apple iPhone.

Is it worth repairing the screen? Why not just buy another phone?

Replacing the screen is ABSOLUTELY worth it! The replacement cost of the iPhone 13 is at minimum $800 for just the base model, however after factoring in a 10% tax rate, plus activation fees. The real replacement cost of the iPhone 13 is between $900 and $930!

Our affordable iPhone screen replacement services replace your faulty screen with a brand new screen. This process turns a seemingly non-functional apple iPhone into a practically new Apple iPhone.

Replacing the screen on an iPhone 13 is an easy decision! It’s way more affordable than replacing it, plus repairing your device is much better for the environment.

What is the actual repair process for fixing an iPhone 13 display with an Apple Genuine Part?

Apple Global Service Exchange

1. Run an MRI check on the device using Apple’s internal diagnostic console. Only authorized businesses and Apple partners have access to this internal software.

2. Remove the two Pentalobe screws holding down the display.


3. Place the iPhone 13 into the corresponding Apple iPhone 13 “hot pocket.”

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4. Insert the mobile phone and hot pocket into the official Apple heated display removal tool to warm up the water resistant seal just enough to gently remove the screen.

20220528 115806

5. Unscrew and remove the plates covering the screen’s flex cables.

6. Remove the damaged display from the Apple device.

7. Remove and replace the water resistant seal on the iPhone. [Optional for the customer, we charge $15 extra for this process and highly recommend it.

8. Remove the new screen from the Apple packaging and connect the flex cables to the iPhone’s logic board.

20220528 130326

9. Return and replace the screws and plates covering the display’s flex cables.

10. Test the iPhone 13 display by powering on the device. We test all features of the iPhone before closing up the device to prevent having to use the heated display mechanism to re-open the device for a second time. If all components are working and pass inspection, then we close the device and replace the Pentalobe screws.

20220528 130653

11. Enter the serial number of the new screen into Apple’s software to begin the re-serialization process. This process can only be completed by using official OEM genuine Apple parts which are available and in-stock at XiRepair® .

12. Run system-configuration inside of Apple’s software to ensure the new parts are serialized and paired to the phone.

20220528 130616

13. Run post-repair configuration inside of the diagnostics suite to ensure that the new screen, face ID, cameras and all other components are working properly.

14. Manually test each feature of the phone, face ID, camera and all other components to make sure the device is working properly.

20220528 120036

15. Insert the Apple iPhone 13 into the corresponding holding tray and then place it under the water resistant sealing press. This press pushes the screen down, re-adhering the display to the new water resistant seal so your iPhone can be as close as possible to the water resistant levels from the factory.


That is the process for completing an iPhone 13 screen replacement using the official genuine OEM Apple iPhone 13 screen assembly purchased from Apple directly and using official Apple tools and software.

How Can You Repair an iPhone 13 Screen Without All The Headaches?

At XiRepair we are one of the largest walk-in and mail-in service providers for Apple iPhone repairs. Our certified iOS and MacOS technicians receive numerous iPhone 13’s to repair every single day! Our largest service center is located in Montgomery, Alabama and is open to walk-ins and mail-in screen replacements. If you are looking to get your iPhone 13 screen repaired without all the hassle and a guarantee that it’s fixed right the first time, click “GET A FREE QUOTE” below to see our current service price for your iPhone repair.

For other questions about your iPhone 13 repair head over to our contact page.

We Hope You Learned:

  • How to identify a bad iPhone 13 display
  • How to fix a damaged iPhone 13 screen
  • Where to get your iPhone 13 repaired fast
  • How to identify a bad Apple iPhone 13 screen
  • How to repair and replace a Apple iPhone 13 OLED assembly with a genuine Apple part

*45-60 minutes is just an average repair length. Every iPhone 13 screen replacement is different and though most of our iPhone screen replacements take less than an hour, we cannot guarantee that time frame without seeing the damage first. Some screens are more difficult to repair depending on how bad the damage is. We recommend customer’s to schedule an appointment to ensure we can accommodate their repair.

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How much do we charge?

We offer a fast quoting system that will give you a free quote for your device based on the problem you are encountering. Click Get a FREE Quote below to learn the cost of your repair.

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