How to repair a Xbox Series X HDMI port

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“You would think that a stationary game console like the Xbox Series X would rarely break, right? Wrong! We See It Everyday” – XiRepair® Tech

How to repair a Xbox Series X HDMI port

The latest generation of Microsoft Xbox consoles are freaking amazing for gamers, except when they stop displaying due to a bad HDMI port. Unlike the previous Xbox One X and other similar models, the Series X stands up right, making it prone to fall damage for some customers. Additionally, the plastic inside the HDMI port is extremely fragile and can be damaged with any level of force when the HDMI cable is pushed or pulled incorrectly.

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The Xbox Series X HDMI port replacement is so common you’ll see support threads across the internet with customers grieving about their damage, like the one below on Microsoft’s own website.

“Basically it’s extremely common for the Xbox Series X to have damage on or around the HDMI port.”

Due to the tendency for the new Xbox’s HDMI port to fail, game console repair companies, like XiRepair®, have seen an enormous spike in requests for Xbox Series X repair services. Since the console was released in 2020, the most commonly requested service has been the HDMI port replacement. The port responsible for displaying an image on your television or monitor is surprisingly made of plastic and extremely prone to breaking. Scroll to the bottom of this post to view a video that covers how to repair the Xbox Series X HDMI port!

In this article, we will discuss how to know if your PlayStation 5 needs an HDMI port replacement and how you can get it replaced or attempt the repair yourself!

Here are our most frequently asked Xbox Series X HDMI port questions:

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What is the HDMI port used for?

The HDMI port in any game console or electronic device transmits digital uncompressed signals such as audio and video data from one device to another. This connection is typically established between an electronic gadget such as an Xbox Series X and a customer’s TV. Without the HDMI port you wouldn’t have the ability to see or even play the games you care about most. BAD Xbox HDMI port = ZERO gaming.

Can you use the Xbox Series X with a bad HDMI Port?

No. Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to use a Xbox Series X without the HDMI port displaying an output. Certain computer systems support a USB to HDMI connection at this time the Xbox Series X does not. It would be really cool if Microsoft gave users the ability to have a secondary display output, so maybe they can add that in the future.

How can you tell if the Xbox HDMI port needs to be replaced?

  • If your Xbox Series X powers on but there is no picture
  • Damaged, bent, or missing pins inside the HDMI port
  • A missing or crooked HDMI port
  • The monitor or television says “no signal” or “no display detected”
  • A display signal but it’s pixelated or distorted

“Many gamers find it hard to believe that their console’s HDMI port is actually damaged, but chances are if you are reading this article, you’ve probably got a BAD HDMI port and it needs to be replaced.”

The quickest method to test the Xbox Series X HDMI port involved connecting the console to a known good tele’, like the Brits say, or a known good monitor (meaning it’s tested and works with other devices using HDMI outputs). Then connect a known good HDMI cable to the back of the console. If the console turns on, but there is a black screen with no image, a “no signal” error message, or shows a grayish, maybe even distorted looking screen, chances are you have a bad HDMI port. In very rare cases, the HDMI retimer/redriver IC can go out in addition to the HDMI port, at XiRepair we fix both of these issues for almost all game consoles.

Is the HDMI port easily damaged on other consoles?

Yes. The HDMI port on most game consoles has always been a known weak component. This issue is just as common on the Playstation 4 and 5 as it is on the latest generation of xboxes. So far, our console repair team has seen the same weakness in the Xbox Series X HDMI ports that we saw on previous generations of the Microsoft console! Once the high definition display port becomes damaged, all future gaming sessions will be on hold until experiencing a HDMI port replacement.

How to Troubleshoot your Xbox with No Display?

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When troubleshooting an electronic device you must always start by ruling out the common problems and unknowns. For example, if your Xbox Series X is not powering on, first ensure that the power cable is connected. To properly diagnose your Xbox Series X you must first test the HDMI cable itself. Is the HDMI cable damaged, frayed, bent or just not working properly? If you know the TV or display is working fine, replace the cable with a new or known working cable.

Still having trouble? Next you must weed out the television or monitor being faulty. TV’s and monitors do go bad over time and just like your Xbox Series X, your TV’s HDMI port can go out too. Try moving your console to another TV using a known good HDMI cable and see if the console will display.

If you have eliminated the TV or cable as being the culprit for your console not displaying your game, then it’s time to inspect the HDMI port itself. Inspect each pin inside the HDMI port, if any of the pins are missing, damaged, broken off, or twisted; the HDMI port will have to be replaced to get your console working again.

What causes the Microsoft Xbox Series X HDMI port to break?

  • Removing the HDMI cable like a mad man
  • Pulling the HDMI cable out at an angle
  • The Xbox console falling off the table or entertainment system
  • Inserting foreign objects inside the HDMI port (yes people do that…)

The Xbox HDMI port will wear out fast if you are constantly moving the console from one place to another and in the process plugging and unplugging in the HDMI cable from the gaming system. Our game console repair team has even fixed an HDMI Port that was completely missing from an xbox motherboard! This particular customer, not understanding why his console wasn’t displaying, used all their might to push the HDMI cable into the port… they pushed so hard that they ripped the entire HDMI port off, but our team fixed it!

“At XiRepair our certified technicians specialize in game console repair. We’ve repaired over 20,000 devices since 2014. As of writing this, we actively receive 3-4 Xbox Series X for HDMI port replacements per day from all over the country.”

What can be done to minimize future damage?

We recommend using high quality HDMI cables, minimizing accidental drops and keeping the port clean. Additionally, it’s just as important to pull the HDMI cable straight out and not at an angle.

Can you fix the Xbox HDMI port yourself?

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“Yes! However you will need to buy quite a bit of micro soldering equipment and few spare motherboards to practice taking off components and putting them back before attempting an HDMI port replacement” – XiRepair Tech

The HDMI port is soldered to the Xbox Series X motherboard, thus the repair requires a hot air rework station and advanced micro scope. We receive numerous repair mail-ins every week of customer’s who failed at an attempt to repair their Xbox but failed miserably because they don’t know how to do the repair or because they didn’t have the correct equipment. A botched repair can end up with ripped pads like you see in the image below.

“Micro Soldering on an Xbox Series X can be difficult but, if you have the right equipment and knowledge… DO IT! We need game console repair peeps in this world.” – XiRepair tech

But If damage has or does occur during your HDMI port replacement, we offer FREE diagnostics to let you know what will need to be replaced and the cost of the necessary repair. XiRepair is a no fix no fee repair, meaning you don’t pay if we don’t repair your console.

Is it worth fixing?

Definitely! It’s way cheaper, you don’t lose your games or have to start over from scratch, AND it’s good for the environment! Xbox Series X are hard to come by. You’d be lucky if you can even replace your damaged Microsoft Xbox with a new one not purchased from an online scalper charging 2x over retail value…

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A fair priced HDMI port replacement service can save you quite literally thousands of dollars in today’s gaming market. Our economical Xbox repair service can save your console and your wallet. Plus we include a FREE 1 year warranty with all repairs, you won’t find a better deal guaranteed.

What do we use to fix HDMI ports in our service locations?

Click here to read all about it.

How do you prevent damage to the HDMI port?

To prevent future damage to the HDMI port after it’s been replaced, follow the guidelines in our post here.

What is the fastest way to repair an Xbox Series X HDMI port?

XiRepair® is the largest walk-in and mail-in service provider for Xbox Series X game console repairs. Our certified gaming technicians receive countless mail in game consoles in need of repair from all over the country everyday. Our largest service center is located off Perry Hill Rd in Montgomery, Alabama. Our Xbox repair locations welcome walk-ins and accept FREE mail-in repairs. If you are looking to get your Xbox Series X HDMI port repaired without all the hassle, click “GET A FREE QUOTE” below to receive a 0% obligation quote.

Our Xbox Series X HDMI Replacement Service Includes:

● FREE Online Quotes 📲
● FREE Diagnostics 🔧
● FREE 1 Year Warranty 👌
● FREE Shipping Label 📦
● or
● FREE Same Day Appointment In-Store 📍

Mail-In Repair Service Instructions:

  1. Request a FREE shipping label – Click here for instructions on how to get a FREE shipping label from our online system.
  2. Safely pack ONLY the Xbox Series X into any reasonable size box. No Cables, No Controllers, No Stand, No Accessories. We have our equipment to test your console.
  3. Drop off the console at your nearest UPS store or drop off point.
  4. The Xbox will ship to our service center where a skilled XiRepair® will inspect your console to ensure that the HDMI port replacement service will fix your issue. If additional repair services are required to fix your port, our technician will contact you directly and inform you of the additional necessary repairs and their additional cost (if any).
  5. The typical HDMI port replacement can be done within 48 hours of receiving the console, however this is dependent upon how many devices we have in house, if rushed services are requested please contact us via phone at +1.334.399.2120. Once the repair is complete, our sales team will email you a PayPal invoice to the email address you gave us when creating the original shipping label. We accept all major credit cards through PayPal, Venmo and Cashapp.
  6. Once your invoice is paid, our inventory specialists will securely package your game console into our own boxes. A UPS crewmember will pick up your console directly from our service center and it’ll make its way right back to you.
  7. Time to get back to Gaming my friend…

If you have any questions that weren’t answered above or would like to request information about other types of repairs please head over to our contact page.

Watch one of our technicians bring an Xbox with HDMI port damage back to life:

We hope you learned:

  • Just how common Xbox Series X HDMI port replacements are.
  • What is the HDMI port used for on consoles
  • If you can use a damaged Xbox Series X HDMI without replacing it
  • How to identify a damaged Xbox Console display port
  • Can the Xbox S Series HDMI port easily break
  • Ways to troubleshoot your Microsoft Game Console not getting a signal on the TV
  • Different ways an Xbox Series X console can break or become faulty
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  • Is it possible to DIY repair an Xbox Series X HDMI port
  • If it’s worth fixing an Xbox display port or should you just replace it
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