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FAQ (We buy iPhones)

Walk-In Customers:

For our in-store customers we pay immediately on site! No gimmicks, No BS. There’s a reason we are the #1 iPhone buyer in Alabama.

Mail-in Customers

For our mail-in customers we pay for your device as soon as we receive it and test it.

Once you agree to sell your iPhone or other device, our team will immediately factory reset your device. This process will remove all personal data from the phone. We also encourage customers to complete this process themselves before selling their iPhone or used gadgets.

XiRepair has been the largest electronics buyback company in Central Alabama for nearly a decade! Many of our customers are other companies that choose to sell to use because we pay the highest prices same day guaranteed! When you sell to us, you are cutting out many of the middle man and getting a true “whole sale” price for your devices. Don’t believe us, call some other stores and see how much they pay and how quickly they pay out. You won’t be disappointed when you choose Alabama’s #1 iPhone Buyback company.

Once the device is sold, the device will be wiped and prepared for processing. Once you sign your bill of sale the device cannot be repurchased.

Yes! If you have more than 30 units to sell, we offer bulk B2B pricing. Please contact us at 334-777-1234 during operating hours.

The Biggest and Best iPhone Payouts Guaranteed

At XiRepair®, we purchase iPhones in such large bulk quantities that we are able to purchase at prices that would blow your mind. Once customers stop into our local service locations or mail-in their device for payout, they never use another buyback company again! Why? Because we are the best iPhones for cash service around. Don’t believe us just read our reviews… 😉

The Best iPhone Buyback Company

Who is the best business to sell my iPhone too? There is only one answer – XiRepair. XiRepair is the #1 best rated place to sell your iPhone in Alabama. Our buyback services also purchase iPads, MacBooks, Samsung Galaxy S and Note Series devices and even game consoles! We pay top dollar for your new and used Apple electronics.

There are many “cash for iPhone” companies out there but none can compete with our high payouts and on-site payment methods. Rather than searching for hours looking for the best price for your iPhone, utilize our quoting tool to see what you will receive instantly! If you are looking to sell your Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook, other Apple Gadget, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 5 or other gadget, XiRepair is the only option you need!

iPhone Recycling / Recycle iPhone

It’s great getting lots of cash for your older iOS device, but an even better reason to sell your device is due to the fact that each device recycled with XiRepair is one less device that is damaging our environment. The longer we can keep iPhones and other electronic devices in the hands of users, the less e-waste our society will produce.

Should I trade in my iPhone or sell it to XiRepair?

When comparing the trade in program with carriers to XiRepair’s prices paid for devices, you would be shocked at the difference in value paid out by our team. You can sell your used iPhone at XiRepair in any condition. Broken, cracked, damaged, even if the iPhone doesn’t turn on, we will give you a price for it. Our competitive prices allow us to top the major carrier’s trade in programs. In many cases, you are better off by selling your device directly to a buyback company and then purchasing your new iPhone out right rather than through the carrier.

Remember, we purchase dead devices, cracked devices, we purchase Apple devices in all conditions. If your iPhone is damaged, you won’t receive the top graded price for it because it’s damaged, however you can still get a large chunk of change for a device that’s not in great condition. Utilize our quoting system about to get your free quote today.

Why Do We Buy iPhones For Such High Prices?

Our high volume of iPhone purchases allow us to lower the margin per device that we profit. You’ll notice in some cases we are 30-40% more than local buyback companies. When you are selling to XiRepair your can rest assured that you are getting paid top dollar for your used electronic equipment. Skip the hassle and get a quote today for your used iPhone.