Biden plans to announce executive order concerning Right to Repair

Biden plans to announce executive order concerning Right to Repair

Executive Order Concerning Right To Repair, After nearly a decade of hard work, the right-to-repair community has finally scored a big win. According to Bloomberg, President Biden is expected to release an “executive order” aimed at creating new rules to prohibit manufactures from limiting or preventing repairs. The new orders are directed at manufacturers refusing to abide by Magnos and Moss warranty laws and repeated attempts to block third-party repairs across multiple industries. 

In a recent bombshell report, investigators at the Federal Trade Commission determined that major steps were required by the US federal government to address “unlawful” repair restrictions set by large known brands. The FTC’s 56-page report titled, “Nixing the Fix”, proved the federal government is taking a hard stance against manufacturers when it comes to none authorized repair services. The broad report covered the negative impacts on consumers, minorities, and even small businesses when manufacturers impose restrictions on the repair of cell phones, tractors, and even medical equipment.

According to reports Executive Order Concerning Right To Repair

The Biden administration is expected to release the order in the coming days. In today’s White House press briefing, Press secretary Jen Psaki claimed the new rules will give individuals “the right to repair their own equipment how they like.” The Biden administration has highlighted their position on the issue of consumer’s right to repair their tech. Consumers and politicians alike are waking up to the frustrations of an economy with few affordable and easily accessible repair options. Vermont state senator recently stated that when his iPhone camera broke, “according to Apple, nobody in Vermont could fix it. They wanted me to send it to them.” Customers and state senators alike, just want the same affordable and quick service on their iPhone when their screen breaks as they can get from a car repair shop when their car breaks down. 

For years, organizations like Ifixit and The Repair Association have been lobbying state governments to legislate rules requiring manufacturers to grant access to repair parts and service manuals. So far this year, right-to-repair advocates have been on a 2021 winning streak. Activists have accumulated numerous wins this year including, the Newyork state senate approving the Digital Fair Repair Act and Washington Congressman, Joe Morelle introducing a similar bill into the US Congress. 

The monumental shift in support comes after the repair movement built up steam in European countries. In January 2021, French regulators began enforcement of their new “repair index” aimed to curtail manufacturers’ focus on planned obsolescence. The rule requires most consumer electronics to have a sticker attached to all new products showing their repairability rating on a predetermined scale of 1 through 10. The recent announcement by the current administration further illustrates the strong support behind the citizens fighting for their right to repair what they own.

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