iPhone 11 Pro Screen replacement

iPhone 11 Pro Screen replacement

You are worried because your iPhone is not displaying any images and not responding. Your iPhone 11 Pro, has an IP68 rating. What exactly does this imply? It means it can only withstand being submerged underwater for up to 30 minutes. XiRepair offers skilled iPhone, iPad repair, and cell phone repair services. We have qualified experts who can perform a wide range of repairs on various iPhone models and smartphone manufacturers.

Even though the phone is technically waterproof, if your iPhone 11 Pro is acting strangely after being exposed to water, it could have water damage. Water can enter into fissures and cracks as a result of normal wear and tear, reducing the efficiency of water resistance. Allowing water to sit in vital components of a device can cause corrosion and possibly short circuits.

Every day feels like an eternity as you stare into your blank iPhone 11 Pro. You want to check your followers on Instagram yet you can’t use your phone at the moment. But wait a minute, you still have a chance to recover your iPhone 11 Pro. We at XiRepair, we specialize in repairing your iPhone 11 Pro. We have skilled professionals ready to fix your iPhone.

We use LCD / OLED and it is created utilizing a flexible substrate, precisely like your iPhone’s original display screen, making it the ideal replacement. Your iPhone 11 Pro will seem better than ever before, and you’ll be able to view videos and browse the internet once more. Furthermore, all of our repair parts are factory checked to assure their quality.

At XiRepair, this is the process of replacing iPhone 11 Pro Screen replacement

We start our repair by running a free diagnostic exam to determine the source of the problem of your iPhone 11 Pro.  Our comprehensive diagnostic service helps us identify the problem and determine which of our repair services will be the most effective in resolving it. Repairs can then begin immediately in-store and normally take around an hour.

The first step is to remove the pentalobe screws . Next is we tape over any cracks and heat the lower edge of the phone. Apply a single suction handle to the bottom edge of the phone, avoiding the curved area of the glass, with a single suction handle. Lift the display slightly. Remove the suction cups and turn on the phone. Next is to check the display assembly. Tilt the display by lifting its lower edge to access the screw. Then unscrew the battery connector cover. Remove the battery cover and disconnect the battery. Unscrew the logic board cover screws and remove the bracket. Disconnect the display and front sensors. Remove the display assembly.

Remove four screws securing the speaker/sensor assembly. Flip the speaker assembly cover. Heat up the top edge of the display. Slide the edge of your opening pick and twist gently to remove the microphone. Slide the small bracket to remove the ambient light sensor. Loosen the light sensor and remove the speaker and front sensors.  Unscrew the LCD shield plate and Use a gentle amount of heat to soften the adhesive the secure the cables. Unstick and separate the two cables. Lift the shield plate and check the EMI fingers if they are properly inserted into the LCD. Remove the LCD shield and make sure that the LCD and digitizer remain.

We understand that you would want this repaired in no time so you can go back to enjoy the great features of your iPhone Repair in Perry Hill Screen replacement offers.

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