Need an iPhone Screen Repair? Here’s what to do.

Need an iPhone screen repair? Here’s what to do.

Quick professional repair guide and FAQ to help you find the fastest iPhone screen repair solution.


You could almost see it happening in slow motion: your smartphone is in your hand one moment, and the next thing you know, it’s barreling toward the ground in a nosedive. Sometimes the layers of glass and plastic will hold up, but all too often, this scenario will lead to a chipped, cracked, or smashed screen. You could almost feel the pain that your new iPhone 11 felt as it slipped out of your hands while climbing that ladder.

What was supposed to be a day of working on the never ending list of repairs the spouse has been asking you to complete the past 12 months has instantly become your worst nightmare. YOUR NEW IPHONE 11 SCREEN IS COMPLETELY SHATTERED! All you see is little green and blue lines showing up on the screen! Your heart is racing and you just don’t know what you are doing, luckily you’ll only need an iPhone screen repair.

iPhone Screen Repair

According to a tech at XiRepair, a certified chain that offers same day iPhone repair, “many customers think that their iPhone is just gone when they bring it in. But 70% of the time an iPhone that has a damaged screen just needs a screen replacement, but in almost all cases we are able to fix them even if it needs more work than just a screen repair.”

Because you own the cell phone, the options for how you want to handle the screen repair are endless! You can order a screen repair kit online and fix it yourself. You can take it to a professional iPhone screen repair shop and have it fixed the same day, in 30 minutes and have it guaranteed by a 1 year warranty. Or lastly, you could take it to an authorized apple repair center. We mention this last because the screen replacement cost for an authorized service center is extremely high compared to the DIY and third party repair options that are just as good and most likely faster.

Right to repair is the ability that you legally have as a US citizen to get your damaged screen repaired at wherever you choose even if you chose to do it yourself. Doesn’t it feel great to be a free American citizen!

So don’t worry, take a breath and know that your phone will be fine. You probably just need to call a local repair shop.

So why did my iPhone screen break in the first place?

The reason iPhone screens cracked is because most consumer electronics are designed to be mass produced and therefore created with cost-affective components such as cheaper quality glass. Even though the glass Apple contracts to be made for its iPhone series has improved over the years at the end of the day its glass. Just like any type of glass, gorilla glass or not, it can and will crack if dropped from a ladder or even from a small height and its a sharp object the right way.

100s of cracked iPhone Screens
100s of cracked iPhone Screens

The slim design of the newest cell phone series is ultimately the culprit of LCD damage. For example the elegant slim edges and nearly bezel-less screens seen on the Apple iPhone 12 and Samsung galaxy S21 Ultra can easily be damaged. The manufacturers have to make a compromise in the durability of a new cell phone in order to appease customers wanting the slimmest and prettiest iPhone Xr. 

On a scientific level, the easily crack-able screen is ultimately all about it’s elastic energy. When your device falls, elastic energy stored in the phone’s glass converts to surface energy and causes your iPhone glass to shatter or crack depending on the amount of energy converted. The force of impact from dropping your iPhone 11 caused the surface to compress, resulting in small stresses all across the screen, which ultimately led to it shattering!


So it’s cracked, now what? 

Damaged iPhones come in all shapes and sizes. Jonathan, a certified micro-electronic engineer with 7+ years of cell phone repair experience said, “at XiRepair, we see hundreds of cracked iPhones everyday. Some are [no exaggeration] shot, ran over, hit by the lawn mower, we’ve seen it all. After working here so many years, I no longer get surprised at half the crap that comes in on a daily basis!”

If your iPhone is cracked or damaged you should determine if the LCD is still working. The display underneath the glass in many cases will still work even if the top glass is damaged. Press the power button and see if you can see the screen. If all you see is lines and black spots or even nothing at all then your iPhone’s OLED or LCD is damaged and will need to be replaced. In layman terms, you just need a good ole screen replacement. 

The way most technicians agree that an iPhone screen repair is done is by simply replacing the entire screen, meaning the glass, digitizer, LCD, and screen’s frame. This is because it’s more time friendly, convenient, and durable to replace the entire screen for the customer than simply the glass. Even though it is possible to only replace the glass using specialized equipment, most repair shops agree that it’s ideal to replace the entire iPhone screen. This also benefits the phone’s owner because if he or she has LCD damage and tries to replace only the glass, their Apple device would still not work as planned. Getting your iPhone screen repair is easy, call a professional repair shop today.


iPhone Xr Screen Back Housing Replacement
iPhone Xr Screen Back Housing Replacement

The above image is an iPhone Xr that came into XiRepair recently with a damaged frame and major LCD damage. The customer forgot the Apple iPhone was on top of their car and decided to drive off in a hurry… down the interstate. Boy was that a mistake. Nonetheless, the technicians at XiRepair were able to get it looking new again in less than an hour! After a back housing and screen replacement, the iPhone is working like new again and you can’t even tell that it was damaged.

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