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Jonathan Strange owns a couple of tech companies, has customers in San Francisco and Chicago. He runs a store in the Eastchase shopping district and just finished a project in Georgia.

Next up: Graduating high school in Montgomery.

He was in class when the phone rang Wednesday with a question about his cell phone repair business. “My teachers are sort of used to me answering the phone,” Strange said. Strange dove into the tech world when putting together a custom gaming computer as an eighth-grader. By the time he was a freshman at Robert E. Lee High School, he was repairing phones for classmates, teachers, family, and friends.

The word got out, and before long people from all over the city were contacting him. He launched a business at 15 and set up the online presence.

At 16, he hired his uncle.

“He’s already living a 25-year-old’s life,” Nathan MacKenzie said about his nephew. “I try to keep him humble.”

MacKenzie watched the teenager’s business start to take off over the past few years. His uncle had a tech background and could see that his nephew needed to expand. “I said, ‘Hey man, want some help?’” MacKenzie said. “It’s been pretty fun.”

Montgomery Advertiser

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