Clear Plex

ClearPlex: the ultimate protective film for every mobile device!

ClearPlex allows you to make a custom screen protector for any mobile device. In this blog, we explain how ClearPlex offers a whole new dimension for your store customers.


How does the ClearPlex technology work?
A ClearPlex screen protector provides maximum protection for a smartphone, tablet or wearable,
such as an Apple Watch or smartwatch. ClearPlex can also be used to protect all major brands of laptops!
ClearPlex is a self-repairing film that is fixed with a gel layer. This technology was initially developed for car windows.
Later, NASA astronauts used it as screen protectors for their smartphones and tablets to keep them intact in the space station.

The ProtectionPro machine can make a custom rear panel protector or screen protector at any time for every imaginable device; that means smartphones and tablets, as well as wearables. See below how you can make a screen protector for each mobile device in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Simply download the template for the desired device model from the ClearPlex database, then load the data into the ProtectionPro cutting machine with the ClearPlex app.
Step 2: Place the self-repairing film in the machine, and it will cut the screen protector to size immediately.
Step 3: Apply the screen protector to the device, protecting it against scratches and knocks in just 2 or 3 minutes.

The database contains no less than 4,000 different models of smartphones, tablets, and wearables. That means you can even offer screen protectors for the latest devices, without having to worry about building up unnecessarily large stocks or waiting for a tempered glass or glass screen for a recently launched device. The ClearPlex screen protector can even be attached to curved screens, such as those fitted to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 Edge.

What do you need to start using ClearPlex?
To start using ClearPlex, you’ll need the following:

ClearPlex ProtectionPro cutting machine;
ClearPlex cutting mat
ClearPlex foil
ClearPlex In-Store Install Solution Spray
Free ClearPlex app for iOs or Android

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