Liquid Glass

Liquid screen protectors are liquid glass. The base compound that is used in every liquid screen protector weʼve
come across is Silicone Dioxide. But we’re not entirely sure if companies add additional products to the Silicone Dioxide.
That is because when SiO2 dries, the liquid screen protector naturally provides the oleophobic coating and anti-bacterial properties
by itself.

Liquid glass can be pretty much be applied to anything that you can think of from what we understand. It’s scratch resistant and has a 9H hardness rating- that’s the same hardness as sapphire.
Your phone screen is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria (and really, who hasn’t taken their phone with them to
the bathroom at least once), but Liquid Glass repels 99.9% of bacteria.

Perfect for waterproof cases
Can be used on multiple devices
Improves impact protection

When looking for a screen protector, there are a lot of factors you want to learn to understand the differences between a liquid screen protector vs tempered glass. Plus, it never hurts to be up to date with the latest news in protection technology to make sure your purchase is the best one.

The liquid glass options you can purchase are thinner than tempered glass’s 0.5mm, and thanks to being so thin, it’s barely noticeable for many. For users that are looking for a thinner screen protector, the liquid glass option is the way to go.

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