Data Recovery


Damaged Camera

Frustrated that your phone won’t take photos or video chat? visit our cell phone repair shop and get your camera fix.


Battery Dying Fast

Is your smart phone not holding a charge? Did you know that phone batteries have to be replaced just like vehicles? If you are reading this, you probably need a battery replacement.


Not Charging

If your phone is not taking a charge the charging port most likely needs to be replaced.


Cracked Screen

If your screen is cracked, busted, shattered or just plain destroyed; our team is here to fix it. We offer same day screen repairs on hundreds of cell phone models.


Water Damage

Did you get a little too excited at last night’s pool party? Our water damage treatment can help rescue your device.


No Sound

Is it hard to hear others or others can’t hear you. Little to no audio on your phone calls? Its very common for cell phones to need a ear or loud speaker replacement.

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Cell Phone Repair

At XiRepair, we fix and repair all major brands of smart phones including the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy series, Google Pixels, Moto, One Plus and many other models. Our team of certified technicians are thrilled to offer you fast and affordable cell phone repair options. Our award winning services has been seen in numerous local and national publications. XiRepair cell phone repair shops has been featured in The Montgomery Advertiser and the Digital Journal!

Very few electronic repair shops offer in-house micro-soldering services, but XiRepair does. Our advanced staff has the ability to fix what others simply can’t. XiRepair isn’t just the #1 electronics repair service in Alabama because of our warranty and customer service; we are the #1 cell phone repair company because we’ve gone the extra mile to understand the technology behind modern day smart phones. That’s why when other cell phone repair shops can’t fix a device, they call XiRepair to fix it. Skip the middleman and work with the experts directly!


We Offer OEM Quality Phone Parts

Unlike many of our competitors we offer the real deal: OEM quality cell phone repair parts. When your cell phone gets damaged, don’t let the mall kiosk put junk on your phone. Let a certified XiRepair tech put the original quality part back on so you can get back to life as normal.


1 Year Warranty

Our industry leading 1 year warranty guarantees that your phone repair will be done the right way, the first time! We give one of the best warranty’s on cell phone repair services in nation because it’s what we do best.


The Best Smart Phone Techs

Our certified technicians are backed by something that’s even better than a plaque on the wall: years of experience. All of our phone technicians go through rigorous smart phone repair courses and must complete OEM certifications such as Apple’s ACiT before every touching a customer’s mobile device.


Best Phone Repair Price Guarantee

Because we are a top mobile repair service provider, our team negotiates the best prices for high quality parts directly from the factory. Our extremely high volume of phone repairs allows us to ensure that you get the best deal possible.

What our phone repair customers are saying

Free Phone Diagnostics

Let our certified technicians diagnosis your cell phone today for FREE!

Best Price Guarantee

We offer the highest quality cell phone parts in the industry at only the best price.

Lightening Fast Repairs

Our repair team can service your mobile device in less than 30 minutes for the most common repairs.

Award Winning Repair

Our phone technicians have received awards both locally and nationally for our service!