Samsung ISP Apple Independent Service Provider Announcement

Samsung ISP Apple Independent Service Provider Announcement image

Samsung ISP Apple Independent Service Provider Announcement

“The wait is over! I am proud to announce that XiRepair has been directly approved by both Samsung and Apple to offer Genuine OEM service parts to all XiRepair customers.” – Jonathan Strange, Founder & CEO of XiRepair

All XiRepair service locations will have access to genuine parts, proprietary tools, software, and resources provided by Apple and Samsung–the two largest cell phone manufacturers in the world.

Since its humble beginnings in 2014, XiRepair has flourished as a leading independent service provider offering best-in-class repair services for cell phones, computers, and tablets. To date, XiRepair has serviced over 30,000 electronic devices and currently has 15 team members.

In addition to our in-depth training programs, every XiRepair technician will now be authorized through Apple’s very own certification program. Each XiRepair team member will earn and hold their own ACiT (Apple Certified iOS Technician) and ACMT (Apple Certified Macintosh Technician) certifications.

“We’ve always been able to well-equip our team with the skills and knowledge necessary to repair Apple products, but the official Apple certifications now allow our team to be directly trained and certified by the manufacturer of one of the most common brands of devices we repair.– Suraiya Begum, COO & CFO of XiRepair

XiRepair’s participation in the Apple Independent Repair Provider and Samsung Independent Service Provider programs enables XiRepair to offer original quality service parts sourced and purchased directly from Apple and Samsung. 

Apple users seeking repairs completed with Genuine Apple parts from XiRepair will not receive any of those pesky pop-up service messages. 

iphone with message 1

Apple iPhones released after 2018 include parts that are serialized to the logic board, meaning failure to replace certain parts with Genuine Apple parts will cause a service message to populate on the device’s lock screen and in the device’s settings.

During the installation process of a genuine Apple part, XiRepair WISE-certified technicians now utilize Apple’s global service exchange to reserialize the genuine part to customers’ Apple products.

installation process

An official Apple service tool for resealing the new water-resistant seal after a repair on an iPhone.

To learn more about XiRepair’s process for repairing an iPhone using a genuine apple part, check out the iPhone 13 screen replacement guide detailing the step-by-step process for replacing the iPhone 13 screen with a genuine Apple service part.

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For Samsung users, certain genuine screen replacements will now include a battery replacement, which normally costs an additional $50 to $100 but will be included with certain screen replacements for free. XiRepair customers now have an even bigger reason to choose our affordable and competitive repair services again and again.

“One HUGE benefit of our new agreements with Apple and Samsung is the speed at which we can get service parts. We should have access to parts for the iPhone 14 within days of its release!– Jonathan Strange CEO & Founder of XiRepair

XiRepair’s consistent commitment to delivering affordable, high-quality, and fast service options for the latest smartphones has attracted the likes of Apple, Samsung, and many more OEMs in the future.