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Screen Protection are an essential for every phone and tablet. It protects your valuable screens from getting scratched or cracked. Screen protector is a thin plastic film that covers the whole screen of your device. They also provide protection against any possible scratches during contact with keys in your pocket or bag when carrying around all day long!

A plastic film defender fair secures the screen from scratches, in this manner employing a tempered glass screen protector for smartphones may be a much superior alternative. The feel of a phone with a tempered glass screen defender is break even with to that of a phone without one.

XiRepair offers screen protectors for all types of phones, like the iPhone and Galaxy. Cellphone screens are prone to scratches so it’s important to have a layer between your phone and whatever you’re carrying in your purse or pocket! XiRepair has clear options as well as privacy ones too if that is more what you need. The Screen Protection will not affect clarity and touch sensitivity- don’t let this critical part of your device get damaged by something else when there is some easy protection right here at Xirepair.

At XiRepair we have the most durable and reliable screen protector. We know what customers want because after all, our top priority is your satisfaction! Don’t take a risk with one of those cheaply made alternatives when you can get it right at Xirepair for an affordable price.


Best iPhone and Android Screen Protection – 2021

Tempered glass

Liquid Glass


Types of Screen Protectors

Tempered glass

The Tempered glass feels like a non-existent layer on top and while you touch it, the feel is much better than that of conventional plastic. It’s also more durable and retains its original experience for longer periods of time since getting rid of fingerprint grease can be done with ease. But this doesn’t mean that scratches are not an issue as they would still remain visible; but unlike scratch guards made out from common plastics which don’t really give off any sense or feeling to them when touched, tempered glasses have screen protection against these marks in place, so your device’s screen remains clean!

Liguid Glass

Liquid glass screen protectors is a newer, more advanced form of tempered glass that solves many problems such as covering the entirety of your device right to the edge. This particular feature protects curved screens and covers any edges or corners. Liquid Glass does not crack easily like other types of protector films; it’s made up from two parts fused together which provides excellent protection for your phone!


A ClearPlex screen protector provides maximum protection for a smartphone, tablet or wearable. The material is clear and transparent with an oleophobic coating to avoid fingerprints. It has self-healing properties that minimize scratches on the surface while also being able to resist dust buildup. ClearPlex offers more than just great coverage – it’s made of durable plastic that can be replaced if damaged by drops at any time during its lifespan so you never have to worry about cracks or chips ruining your device!

Numerous individuals still purchase screen defenders to ensure those screens, but they’ve gotten to be less fundamental. Screen defenders were once for all intents and purposes obligatory, but progresses in glass and coatings have made them pointless for most individuals. You do not have to be purchase a screen defender once you get a modern phone. Visit Shop for more info!.

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